Mental Samurai!?

I'm a big fan of the show Mental Samurai. For fans of my old site, I had many statistical breakdowns there. I plan to get that data back here in better forms. You can view season 1 at Fox here. Anyway, I hope to have more data, visualizations, etc. here, so check back.

Basic Overview

Contestants are given five minutes to answer twelve trivia questions. Do it and they win $10,000 and a shot at $100,000! A few catches. First, they must be perfect, they can't miss a question. Next, they're strapped into a giant metal gyroscope and flung around at breakneck speeds in-between each question!

A few other parts. There are four categories that the questions are from:

  • Puzzles
  • Knowledge
  • Memory
  • Sequence

In the first round there are three questions from each category. If the player makes it past the first round into the "Circle of Samurai", they get one question from each category, each worth $25,000!

My first chart has some major spoilers. Admittedly, season one has been wrapped for months, but in case you missed it on the first run, I'll try and warn before any spoilers show up. And yes, some spoilers are coming. I'll try and pad a little longer before then. So enjoy this Tweet before we get to spoilers!


Circle Of Samurai Breakdown

There are mutliple tiers of Mental Samurai. First are just contestants. Should a contestant answer all twelve questions in the first round, they move on to the "Circle of Samurai." If they answer all questions correctly in the circle, they are a Mental Samurai! Below is a breakdown of how each person that made it into the Circle of Samurai did by time breakdown and how much time was spent in each category.

You'll notice the time only goes up to about three minutes. That's because it takes between 5-10 seconds to travel between questions. I may add travel time as a category in the future. Regardless, enjoy the chart and can I just say Nathan Gonzales' first round smoked the competition this season.