Grand Slam Sprinters


Bjorn Borg retired with the second most Men's Tennis Grand Slams in history (at the time) at 11. The amazing part is he did this in only 8 active years of playing in Grand Slam tournaments (1973-1981). He won six French Opens and five Wimbledons. He only participated in one Australian Open, and was never able to crack Jimmy Conners or John McEnroe in the US Open, despite four appearances in the finals.

Another impressive name is Fred Perry. In seven active years of Grand Slams (1929-1936) he won 8 Grand Slams. More impressive is he won each of the major tournaments: 1 Australian Open, 1 French Open, 3 Wimbledons, and 3 US Opens. And he actually achieved those eight wins in a mere three years of play! Sadly his decision to turn pro meant he stopped competing in this tournaments, so we don't know how many he could have won!

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