That's a Lot of Three-Pointers!


Stephen Curry is the only player in NBA history to score over 400 three-pointers in an NBA season, which happend in 2015-2016. He is also one of only two players to have scored over 300 three-pointers in an NBA season. Curry achieved that in 2015-2016 (402), 2016-2017 (324), and 2018-2019 (354). James Harden scored 378 three-pointers in 2018-2019. Several players were on pace to cross 300 three-pointers in the COVID-19 shortened 2019-2020 season (James Harden, Buddy Hield, and Duncan Robinson). So, it's likely these records won't hold long.

The three-point line was introduced in the NBA in the 1979-1980 season. It wasn't until 1993-1994 where an entire NBA team scored over 400 three-pointers in an NBA season. That team was the Houston Rockets, who did so on a pedestrian 33.4% shooting efficiency

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