The Greatest Challenger in World Chess Championship History.


Veselin Topalov is the only chess player to have a FIDE ELO rating over 2800 and lose the World Chess Championship while being the favorite. He did this twice, once in 2006 (2813 at the time) against Vladamir Kramnik (2743) and in 2010 (2805 at the time) against Viswanathan Anand (2787). Fabiano Caruana joins him as the only 2800+ ELO player to lose in the World Chess Championship, which happened in 2018 (2832). However, his competitor, Magnus Carlsen, the defending champion, had a slightly better ELO at 2835.

What's more, since FIDE began compiling their ELO ratings in 1971, Topalov is the only player to have achieved the number one ranking in the world and not held the unified World Chess Championship title. He did hold the defunct FIDE title from 2005-2006.

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