The All-Time Winners are Somehow Losers?


In the four major North American men sports, the team with the record for most regular-season wins did not win a title!

*It's worth noting that the 1972 Miami Dolphins had the same win percentage as the Patriots, but as the regular season was fourteen games long they do not have the most total wins.

**In the NHL the 1976-1977 Montreal Canadiens have the most points in NHL history and won a Stanley Cup. The NHL gives teams points for their standings for overtime losses. In the past, teams could also tie, and both teams would receive one point. Additionally, the 1976-1977 season was only 80 games long, as compared to the current 82 game season. So with current NHL lengths and rules (no ties, shootouts to decide the winner), it's likely the Canadiens would have the wins record, but, again, that's all hypothetical.

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